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Off The Plinth

Dan Bowran - Specialises in glass art

Off The Plinth is proud for our top quality art glass
Glass is everywhere, traveling through time, technologies, and culture. It is the material that provided the cutting edge for human evolution to emerge out of the Stone Age. Autonomous and progressive, often crossing boundaries in physics, chemistry, and philosophy. It’s a fascinating medium to work with, and for two decades I find myself happily studying it and always finding something new.
This website is designed to be of assistance to anyone interested in and working with glass. You will find options to purchase unique gallery glass artworks made by Dan Bowran. If you have a project or would like to see your ideas created in glass, please get in touch. I have taught masterclasses, university courses, day and weekend classes, presented various lectures and talks discussing artistic directions and the intricacies of glass.

Our Services

We provide the best glass art services and products

Exhibition Events

There are various artworks from Off The Plinth that are showcased at exhibition events. These artworks are created either internally by Dan Bowran or they can be produced externally by students and other artists

Teaching and Commissioning Glass

Dan Bowran teaches glass art at Monash University to many students. He is currently a professor at the University and sometimes has his own internal classes where he teaches students